Klick Modules

Mr. Edmund Humenberger

Is a widely used system with lots of modules.


Antti Lukats

yes, this one of the first "ecosystem" adapters to be targeted:

There are possible at least 4 adapters for Click-to-CRUVI needed

1)  S size PASSIVE to CRUVI LS

this is just wired, it maps very well, SPI, UART, I2C map to cruvi 1:1
this would be too small to accept full size cruvi boards, so:

2)  L size PASSIVE to CRUVI LS
same as [1] but in L size the full CRUVI can be used and fixed with screw to the click adapter

same as [2] but with FPGA gateway to translate both LS and HS to SPI whatever the klick baseboard can accept

4) maybe S size with small fpga translator- pin remapper? can be UP5K

1, 2, are in "processing que" already

3 - need choose FPGA ! UP5K is not ok
4 - with UP5K would be easier and less questions than with [3] ? maybe just do it? would be clickUP5 ! ? ;)

Mr. Edmund Humenberger

Klick modules are 25.4 mm wide


Cruvi boards are only 22mm wide.

So Klick boards would not fit on cruvi boards.

This is a problem.

Mr. Edmund Humenberger

As the  Klickboards are too wide to be put directly on a CRUVI board,

A cruvi board should be made which allows to connect KlickBoards via the adapter which is made available anyway

So we only would need a smaller CRUVI board which provides the connector to the cable.


Mr. Edmund Humenberger