Klick Modules

Mr. Edmund Humenberger

Mr. Edmund Humenberger

As the  Klickboards are too wide to be put directly on a CRUVI board,

A cruvi board should be made which allows to connect KlickBoards via the adapter which is made available anyway

So we only would need a smaller CRUVI board which provides the connector to the cable.


Mr. Edmund Humenberger

Klick modules are 25.4 mm wide


Cruvi boards are only 22mm wide.

So Klick boards would not fit on cruvi boards.

This is a problem.

Antti Lukats

yes, this one of the first "ecosystem" adapters to be targeted:

There are possible at least 4 adapters for Click-to-CRUVI needed

1)  S size PASSIVE to CRUVI LS

this is just wired, it maps very well, SPI, UART, I2C map to cruvi 1:1
this would be too small to accept full size cruvi boards, so:

2)  L size PASSIVE to CRUVI LS
same as [1] but in L size the full CRUVI can be used and fixed with screw to the click adapter

same as [2] but with FPGA gateway to translate both LS and HS to SPI whatever the klick baseboard can accept

4) maybe S size with small fpga translator- pin remapper? can be UP5K

1, 2, are in "processing que" already

3 - need choose FPGA ! UP5K is not ok
4 - with UP5K would be easier and less questions than with [3] ? maybe just do it? would be clickUP5 ! ? ;)

Mr. Edmund Humenberger

Is a widely used system with lots of modules.