Re: cruvi2PMOD

Mr. Edmund Humenberger

This way mounting modules is much more robust than PMOD.

Edmund Humenberger <edmund@...> schrieb am So., 21. Juli 2019, 16:23:

You want to have a pressfit distance so that you can screwmount the modules.

Also on the carrier board you want to have "Muttern" oressfitted into it to ease the mounting. Very much like M.2 mounting points.


Antti Lukats <antti.lukats@...> schrieb am So., 21. Juli 2019, 16:18:
indeed :)
this adapter was done during early feasibility study

This is just 1:1 adapter fully passive, it is a bit speial as the PMOD connector will be lying flat on the BASEBOARD, and any connected PMOD would be aligned to the motherboard PCB not to the adapter, so the pin numbering in pmod connector looks like wrong..

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